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Custom Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, a great restorative option to consider with our Adelaide CBD family dentist is a fixed bridge. Dental bridges look like three or four dental crowns, fused side by side. However, only the crowns on the ends are functional; the porcelain teeth between them are suspended in order to fill in the “gap” left after a tooth is lost.

Am I a Candidate for a Bridge?

Older woman sitting on couchTraditional bridges rely on healthy teeth to support them. That means if you need to replace a tooth, there ought to be a stable, disease-free tooth on each side of the space. Active gum disease or severe tooth decay may render the teeth unstable. Structurally sound teeth can support a bridge with one or two missing teeth between them.

It’s usually best to place a dental crown soon after a tooth has been removed, to avoid the adjacent teeth from shifting inward or the opposing tooth from drifting into the biting plane.

Bridges for Dental Implants

When there are several teeth missing at a time, traditional treatments usually call for a removable partial denture. Fortunately, implants are stable enough that they can support a longer dental bridge. This type of bridge can replace as many as three or four teeth at a time.

What’s Involved in Getting a Dental Bridge?

Having a bridge made usually requires about two separate appointments. First, we prep the teeth that are to support the bridge and take an impression. If the bridge isn’t made on site via CAD/CAM technology, we send the models to our lab, where a custom bridge is created by hand. Within 10-14 days, your new bridge will be ready to bond permanently into place.

Implant patients may need a few more appointments, as the surgical placement requires adequate healing time before an implant can support a fixed prosthesis.

If the area being treated is toward the front of your mouth, we can help you come up with a temporary prosthesis to wear for aesthetic purposes.

Bridge Care and Maintenance

You will want to get used to new ways of cleaning around your smile, as food or plaque can collect under your fixed bridge. A floss threader is a convenient ways to clean surfaces that are more challenging to reach. Simply guide the threader under your bridge and floss around the supporting teeth or clean the area with a water flosser.

What’s the Next Step?

Find out more about our custom porcelain dental bridges. Book your consultation today.


* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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