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Meet Kathy Andonas,
Oral Health Therapist

KathyInspired by her own experience with extensive dental treatment following a car accident in her early 20s, Kathy Andonas discovered her fascination with dentistry. Witnessing the incredible results that could be achieved, she was inspired to pursue a career as an Oral Health Therapist. With a focus on trust and continuous learning, Kathy strives to provide exceptional care to individuals and their families.

Qualifications and Education

Kathy holds a Bachelor of Oral Health degree from The University of Adelaide. Her comprehensive education equips her with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality oral health care.

Commitment to Professional Development

As a firm believer in lifelong learning, Kathy actively engages in professional development and continuing education. She looks forward to attending the National Symposium held by the Dental Hygienist Association of Australia each year, connecting with peers and staying up to date with the latest advancements in her field. Additionally, she participates in local CPD events and regularly keeps herself updated through professional publications.

Fulfillment in Oral Health

For Kathy, the most fulfilling aspect of being an Oral Health Therapist is the bond she forms with her patients. Building trust is of utmost importance to Kathy, as she strives to create a comfortable and supportive environment for her patients. Witnessing the improvement in her patients’ oral conditions when they follow her advice brings her great satisfaction.

Beyond the Clinic

Outside of work, Kathy enjoys exploring the culinary world by indulging in eating out and wine tasting. As an avid reader, she finds solace and inspiration in the pages of a good book, allowing her to unwind and broaden her horizons.

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